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Professional Nutrition Since 1994

Beachwood Canyon, Naturally, Ltd, the owner and operator of NaturesPureBody.com, was founded in 1994 on a simple principle: Provide individuals and families with select, professional level health supplements.

To insure the very high level of quality we demand of the products we sell, we have developed relationships with companies that surpass FDA standards for manufacturing, like Freeda, AOR, Pharmax/Seroyal, and, of course, The Pure Body Institute — the manufacturer of Nature's Pure Body products. We also have long-term associations with nutritionists and other clinicians and solicit their feedback on what works, and what should be avoided. Because of this we do not carry all the products available in most health food stores or by mass market online retailers. Just the select, professional, and the best.

Our own BCN Formulas product line is manufactured at facilities with exceptional records for maintaining, and most often surpassing, the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices.

We also provide expert advice to help you select a program that best fits your individual needs.

Creating Mojo

In the 1990’s, BCN was asked by Dr. Larry Clapp to create the ultimate, most effective cleansing experience possible for the readers of his groundbreaking book, Prostate Health in 90 Days without Drugs or Surgery.  Art Bartunek, co-founder of BCN and head of formulations, drew on years of experience helping people cleanse, and the experience of the Pure Body Institute, the world’s leading source of professional cleansing products, to create what quickly became the cornerstone of Larry Clapp’s highly acclaimed program.

Very quickly, once family members saw the benefits of the cleanse, they were joining in. The program Art wrote for Larry wasn’t just about prostate health, but about whole body health, for men and women alike.

As a family cleansing program, we renamed the Dr. Clapp's 90-Day Cleanse the Mojo Cleanse.

It is about energizing your Mojo, that energy and spirt that drives a happy, healthy, creative, productive life.